From offline to online: How Bremenkamp took its market authority to the top of the internet

Bremenkamp is one of the largest players in the construction materials sector in the state of Espírito Santo, with over 30 years in the market. It is recognized as a well-established brand, having won the Recall of Brands award for several years.
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Their target audience is the end consumer who is building or remodeling; however, they also work with wholesalers, primarily supplying other companies in the construction industry.
In 2019, Bremenkamp approached 4Leads with the following mission: they wanted to transfer their offline authority to the digital world and expand their sales channels through e-commerce.
Discover the strategies we employed and how it was possible to achieve the incredible milestone of 50,000 organic visits.
A story of partnership
In our projects, it is extremely important to maintain a relationship with our clients to receive feedback and improve our actions, as we share the same goal: increasing the company's profits.
With Bremenkamp, we had the opportunity to work closely with the directors on two fronts: SEO and Performance, which brought us even better results and alignment.
The new website
4Leads Vitoria Case de Sucesso Bremenkamp Mockup
The website is the main conversion point for sales in the digital channel. For this reason, 4Leads, together with Bremenkamp's management, identified the need to update the website to an online catalog with better-designed architecture for ranking and sales conversion.
At 4Leads, we understand that the primary goal of a website should be to sell. If the site isn't designed for sales, it needs to be updated immediately; otherwise, you could be missing out on an important customer acquisition channel.
The new website was launched with a solid structure to attract more visits, leads, and sales. On the new site, we highlighted the main categories and also created a space for articles and materials.
Aiming to accelerate results, increase visitor numbers, and immediately start receiving calls and sales, we defined a media plan involving the creation and promotion of ads, primarily on the Google channel, where we understood the purchasing power to be the greatest.
Our campaigns generated significant growth in the number of visits to Bremenkamp's website, as well as an increase in the number of calls, quotes, and direct purchases through e-commerce.
After assessing the visits to Bremenkamp's website, we found that there was potential to improve the performance of geolocation-related keywords. For example, when someone searched for "construction materials," other websites were found before Bremenkamp's.
We identified an opportunity to revise the titles and descriptions of the pages. Since there were many products and consequently many URLs, we decided, together with the management, to implement a dynamic solution to standardize all titles, including the store locations.
After making the adjustments, we noticed a significant improvement in the performance of geolocated terms.
To achieve our goal of positioning Bremenkamp's star products on the first page, we created articles and materials related to these products with high value for the target audience and consistently published them weekly.
A monthly SEO audit was also conducted to ensure goal compliance. For each identified improvement point, a task was created in the action plan to quickly resolve the issue.
Results of teamwork
The project resulted in the best performance in Bremenkamp's website history, thanks to the collaboration between 4Leads and the management team. The management provided technical support and conducted analyses that identified improvement points, while the 4Leads team implemented suggestions, collected and analyzed data, and proposed solutions and strategies.
The results of this alliance were astounding, including:
Traffic: The number of visits from organic traffic increased from zero to 48,314;
Keywords: The website now appears on the first page of Google for 1,387 keywords and is an industry leader on the internet at the state level;
Sales: 4Leads was present during times when Bremenkamp experienced a high volume of calls and achieved record-breaking contacts via WhatsApp.
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