4 steps for your e-commerce to stand out in the digital market

13 de September de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog quatro passos para o seu ecommerce se destacar no digital

E-commerce is an online sales platform. Through it it is possible to sell various types of products, whether books, clothes, electronics, appliances, building materials, among others. For businesses that want to expand sales, having an e-commerce is very important.

The recent “2021 European E-Commerce” report, indicates a 10% growth rate in turnover in the e-commerce sector, and predicts that the trend will continue, with a stipulated growth of 12% and a turnover of 844 billion. euros.

The numbers indicate that e-commerce continues in full force this year. During the pandemic, we saw the importance of business being present in the virtual environment so as not to lose sales. In this way, this must continue to be a priority for many entrepreneurs.

In this article, understand the essential steps for your e-commerce to stand out in the digital environment and even become a successful case!

4 steps for your e-commerce to stand out in digital

Anyone who thinks that just creating a website and placing products is enough to make the business boom in sales is wrong. For e-commerce to really have good results and a good profit margin, investment and well-defined marketing strategies are needed. Check out what needs to be done to get off to a good start!

Have a good website

Having a good website is essential to ensure a good user experience. In addition to allowing the person to have access to information quickly and practically, having the necessary resources in e-commerce guarantees the quality and confidence in the service offered.

Therefore, it is essential that the site has stock control, a place for the customer to register, delivery and payment management and security certificates. In addition, a good page loading speed and stable navigation are essential to keep the user browsing the e-commerce for longer.

Have optimized content

Anyone who thinks that an e-commerce only needs to have products and nothing else is wrong. Content is also an important part of a sales website. It is through them that users will advance through the stages of the sales funnel.

Optimized content, that is, with SEO techniques, is crucial for e-commerce to reach the top positions in search results. Therefore, it is essential that the site has a blog, with quality texts and optimized to help the user during the journey.

Create a sales funnel

Among the top tips for e-commerce are strategies to funnel the entire sales journey. For this, it is necessary to structure and organize Marketing strategies, always using the funnel as a basis.

The funnel is divided into top, middle and bottom. For each of the stages it is necessary to have adequate content and strategy. This is how the user can make a purchase on the site and, possibly, become a loyal customer.

Use Google

Google is, without a doubt, the biggest search engine on the internet! Thousands of product searches are focused on it every day. With that in mind, to achieve a successful e-commerce, you will also need to invest in channels such as Google Shopping and Google Ads.

Google Ads is the ad platform for product campaigns. This tool offers different campaign options, such as sponsored links that appear at the top of Google searches. It is possible to take advantage to generate organic traffic and paid traffic through this search engine.

In addition, it also automatically generates ads on Google Shopping. One of Google's tools that allows you to advertise your products for free on the sales platform.


Throughout this text, you can see that to have a successful e-commerce it is not enough to just create a website and register products. You need to have optimized content, a good hosting platform, have well-defined marketing strategies, use Google, among others.

To have good results, your business needs to count on the help of those who understand the subject and have e-commerce references as a successful case.

Visit our website and talk to our specialist to find out how your company can have a sales website with all the necessary attributes to reach the top of digital! Follow us on social media to keep up with other content.

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