Common Mistakes in Lead Generation and How to Avoid Them

9 de September de 2023
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog erros comuns na geracao de leads e como evitar

Lead generation is a crucial process for the success of any company, as it is directly related to attracting potential customers and the growth of the business. Leads are individuals or organizations that show interest in your products or services and are more likely to become actual customers.

Investing in quality lead generation is essential to increase conversion rates and, consequently, boost the company's revenue.

Moreover, by capturing these potential customers, it's possible to optimize the Sales Funnel, assisting people through all the stages (from discovery to purchase). This optimization also benefits the sales team, allowing them to focus on genuine and more promising opportunities.

"Generating leads is like cultivating a garden: just as plants need fertile soil, proper water, and sunlight to grow and develop, a company requires an efficient lead generation strategy to thrive in the digital environment." - Fabrício Coimbra, Head of 4Leads.

Discover the Main Channels for Lead Generation and Qualification

Certain channels are strategic for generating a high volume of leads, especially for companies aiming to fill their pipeline with as many leads as possible.

Let's explore some of them and understand how they serve to capture leads:


A website is an excellent tool for lead generation, as it is the platform where landing pages, pop-ups, and forms to capture potential customers are located.

It's also a great thermometer to assess how inclined these potential customers are to purchase by tracking visits to specific pages.

For instance:

Imagine a visitor browsed the product page, then visited the plans page and filled out a form to watch a demo. This user is classified as a potential customer inclined to buy.

This journey and its criteria can vary based on parameters set by your marketing and sales team through lead scoring.

To generate leads through your website, investing in attractive and responsive design is vital, ensuring a pleasant and efficient browsing experience. See an example of an exit pop-up with a conversion bait below.


Generating leads through a blog is highly strategic because it establishes a connection with your audience by sharing your expertise about a topic.

Through your blog, you can showcase how your brand is a benchmark in the sector by sharing posts that answer questions and introduce relevant concepts, data, and statistics.

Besides, the blog is where you can capitalize on organic traffic to offer valuable content, such as e-books, white papers, and infographics that educate the audience on topics that are important to them. As in the example below where we place these buttons at the end of the articles.

Social Media

Social media platforms are powerful channels for lead generation, as they offer the opportunity to interact directly with the target audience and build a closer relationship.

Moreover, through Facebook Ads, it's possible to create targeted and paid campaigns, which can be directed at specific audiences based on their preferences, interests, and behaviors.

By placing links in the posts, you can capture leads, as shown in the example below.


E-mail marketing is a highly efficient channel for nurturing and qualifying leads, as it allows for sending personalized and segmented messages to each interest group.

Through e-mail campaigns, it's possible to share exclusive content, promotions, news, and other relevant information that help foster a closer relationship with leads and stimulate conversion.

In the example below, a blog post was sent to the lead base, and at the end, a button was added to speak with a consultant.

The 3 main mistakes in lead generation and how to avoid them

Now that you understand what lead generation means and its importance in increasing the chances of conversions and sales, learn which mistakes to avoid in this process and the ideal solution to address them.

Lack of target audience segmentation

Directing campaigns to a too broad or inappropriate audience can result in low conversion rates and waste of resources.

How to fix: define and segment the target audience according to the specific characteristics and needs of each group.

Offering irrelevant or low-quality content

If you produce generic content without data and information that address the audience's questions, the blog won't rank on search engines like Google and won't stand out against the competition.

How to fix: content is one of the main tools to attract and engage leads. Therefore, it's crucial to invest in relevant, useful, and high-quality materials that truly meet the audience's expectations and needs. Also, contents should be crafted based on strategic planning, which involves creating a silo structure, keyword research, and SEO techniques.

Ignoring the importance of building a relationship with the lead

Lead generation isn't just about attracting new contacts but also nurturing them and establishing a trust-based relationship. Overlooking this step might result in missing out on valuable conversion opportunities.

How to fix: in this process, it's essential to segment the target audience and invest in automation tools, which assist in creating personalized email marketing campaigns to nurture the leads, for instance.

Throughout this article, you've learned about the meaning of lead generation, its significance in digital marketing strategies, the channels where lead capture is possible, the common mistakes often made, and the solution for each of them.

If you neglect this lead capture process, your company will take more time to notice an increase in conversions and revenue.

Want to surpass the competition and become a benchmark in your market? Talk to our expert! We are here to assist you on this journey! Find us on LinkedIn with amazing content!

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