4Leads RD Station Gold Agency : 6 benefits of hiring our services

30 de January de 2023
Posted by 4Leads
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Do you know what it means to be a RD Station Gold Agency? Well, firstly it is necessary to have in mind that RDStation is a leader in software development (SaaS) for companies growth. Its marketing and sales automation platform is the leading solution in Brazil.

RD’s partnership program is divided in the following levels: Starter, Member, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Having the Gold seal menas that we deliver good results to at least 70-% of our clients. This way, the companies that receive this seal are certified in the tool and methodology and, through internal work with its clients, achieves outstanding results.

This achievement is the result of team a work done within a team, that understand the needs of each client and engage to create the best strategies, develop quality content and work in digital campaigns with focus on assertive results.

4Leads is a marketing company, that has a method to accelerate businesses’ digital shift through Performance, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Website Development and Business intelligence.

In this article, you will understand the importance and advantages of hiring a specialized company to create work that really brings results that reflect in the digital growth of the business.

The importance of hiring a company that specializes in Marketing

Normally when we ask a manager what's the objective in hiring marketing services, the response is: to raise sales numbers. However, this isn't the only objective when a business invests in marketing.

There are other important goals like capturing qualified leads, raising brand awareness, building authority in the segment, improving audience relationship, retaining clients, amongst others.

All of this is achieved through a wide set of marketing practices and techniques, specially inbound and performance.

4 benefits of hiring services from 4leads

Check other advantages of hiring a specialized company, like 4Leads

Counting on specialized professionals

The people working at 4Leads have formation in their working area and are always up to date, since they periodically are taking qualification courses. They not only provide quality work and a good Return over Investment(ROI), but are also able to bring innovation to your company - new techniques, fresh tools, trends etc.

Smart Investment

Hiring a marketing company makes your investments more flexible. You can hire on demand services, which makes the cost-benefit relationship of this option even more attractive than having an in-house team, for instance.

Besides, the plans can be negotiated and adapted to the current moment of your business.

Assertive Results

A specialized team also guarantees results. Your business, apart from having a strong digital presence, will also have a strategic presence, which is even more important. The work done by the team aims to attract, retain and foster loyalty to your company amongst the consumers.

Long term work strengthens the business and creates a loyal client base and efficient promoting channels. Besides, one of the most important services offered by 4Leads is Performance, which measures and analyzes data to align the strategies and to show concrete results to the clients.

Create opportunities and continuous growth

Having the support of a marketing company also helps the business to create new opportunities. That is because the team identifies trends and actions that can be done to promote brand growth. By doing so, management is free to focus on other important demands.

Advantages of contracting RD through 4 Leads

As you know by now, RDStation is a tool for digital marketing automation. It brings together in one place the main resources to perform Digital Marketing strategy. Businesses that contract the platform through a company like 4Leads can obtain more advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Agility in the actions, since there’s no need to research tutorials and learn the processes;
  2. You will see the tool being used in different moments of the journey, attracting and converting leads, relationships with new and existing customers, commercial follow-up, sales funnel analysis, active clients satisfaction surveys (which improves retention)
  3. Monthly analysis of business relevant KPI’s
  4. Commercial process optimization
  5. Faster implementation of new tools/processes
  6. Saving time with support


Counting on the help of a Gold Seal RDStation company allows your business to grow faster digitally and to obtain assertive results.

This happens because your business will the the expertise of a specialized team and to support of a proven tool that encompasses the marketing services required to raise brand awareness, boost sales, build authority and relate with your audience.

Get the upper hand from your competitors and raise your company’s online potential! Talk to our specialist and you will receive a map with everything you need to go from zero to the top on the digital market. Follow us on social media Fabebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to be up to date with other content. 

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