5 actions in remote work to get the best results

13 de September de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog cinco acoes no trabalho remoto para obter os melhores resultados

Remote work is a modality that seems to be recent, but is not. In fact, this style of working from a distance began in 1857, when a railroad owner named J. Edgar Thompson managed remote divisions, delegating substantial control over the use of equipment and labor.

Since then, remote work has undergone several transformations, including in the legal field. During the new coronavirus pandemic, many companies adopted the work style to continue activities during social isolation. However, there are companies that even before the pandemic, worked 100% remotely, online businesses.

Unlike conventional work, the remote modality allows for greater flexibility in organizing the workload. And unlike what many people think, it is possible to maintain the same management of goals, tasks and activities, demanding and requiring the same skills and needs of non-remote jobs.

Some of the advantages of remote work are the flexibility of schedules, cost reduction (since you don't have to pay rent for a space, water and electricity bills), better quality of life and geographic freedom, since it is possible to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

5 actions to get the best results from remote work

For remote work to work in the best way and for the company to achieve good results, it is necessary to adopt some methods of work and productivity. Thus, employees do not get lost in the work routine and deliver tasks with more commitment.

See some actions that need to be taken in remote work to have a more productive team with good results.

Have an efficient work system

It is necessary to create a work system in which everyone on the team knows what functions they must perform, what methodologies need to be followed, what the company's objectives are and what the expected results are.

A methodology used by some companies is called OKR (Objectives and Key Results). ed by some companies is called OKR (Objectives and Key Results). The goal is to guide business efforts toward crucial measurable goals. The OKR management model seeks to establish clear directions to reach the numbers that indicate the growth of a company.

In this way, the team knows exactly which direction the company they work for is heading and where they want to go. Another important point for employee productivity is having the support of online programs to help organize and deliver tasks.

Have clear and transparent indicators

This also has to do with an OKR management model. When the team has indicators that show what is working over time and what needs to be improved, it is easier for everyone to commit to finding the best results. Even if the company uses another method, the objectives, goals and results must be shared transparently with the team.

Have a communication channel

A company that operates remotely needs to have a communication channel that is efficient and organized. An important factor is that this channel is exclusive to work. Therefore, using WhatsApp may not be the best way to communicate efficiently with everyone on the team. There are online programs created to be a corporate communication channel, including meeting rooms.

Hold regular meetings to align demands

There are those who don't like meetings and find it extremely boring. However, those who work from home should understand the importance of having meetings to align work demands. In order to be efficient and not interfere with the employees' work routine, it is necessary to schedule a day and time in advance.

Do internal research

Surveys are important to obtain feedback from employees. Thus, it is possible to know what needs to be improved internally. Knowing the difficulties and needs of each one, it is possible to realign strategies, optimize processes and eliminate obstacles.


Throughout this text, he saw ways to increase the productivity of a team through effective actions. With planning, organization, well-defined culture, objectives and goals, transparency, work methodologies and feedback, it is possible for remote work to obtain results as expressive as a company that works in person.

It is also necessary that the leadership has the maturity and commitment to offer solutions, know how to listen to their team, propose improvements and recognize the efforts of employees.

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