5 commandments of online chat to not lose sales

31 de August de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog cinco mandamentos do chat online para nao perder vendas

It's hard to imagine a company that sells over the internet not having an online chat. This is because chats have become one of the main means of communication between the store and the consumer. However, there are still many flaws in the use of this tool by companies, compromising the user experience.

To give you an idea, 73% of consumers point to online chat as the most satisfactory communication channel to get in touch with brands, according to a survey conducted by Invesp. The same study also points out that 63% of online customers are more likely to return to a website if it offers some form of live chat.

Discover the advantages of online chat for your business

A website without online chat is like a store that has no employees.

Imagine that you arrive at a physical store and do not find employees to serve you. This is the scenario of a site that does not have chat. Check out the main advantages of using a chat.

Fast and automated responses

Agility is one of the great differentials of sites that have online chat. This is because when the customer sends a message, he then receives an automatic message and the service begins.

Increases your brand's trustworthiness

Having an agile and online communication channel increases users' trust. Additionally, customers see the brand as a business that is committed to consumers.

Improve customer experience

Online chat is a great opportunity to strengthen ties with customers, because communication is done in a practical and agile way. This improves the user experience, who feels prioritized.

Request for feedback

Through the online chat you can have customer feedback by sending an automatic survey at the end of the service. In a few clicks, the user makes his assessment. This makes it easier to identify potential problems and improve communication, marketing and sales strategies.

In addition to these advantages, we can still highlight cost reduction, increased productivity and time optimization.

5 commandments of online chat to not lose sales

Now that you know the advantages of having online chat on your business website, we are going to show you some of the main mandatory commandments so you don't lose sales. Follow up!

Indicate opening hours

It is essential to clarify the times when the chat is active. Therefore, the customer service hours must appear on the website.

Adapt the language for the audience

It is necessary to have a language that is objective and clear. This means that slang should not be used, as well as avoiding excessively formal language. It is necessary to convey empathy and adapt the language according to each client.

Have a trained service team

The consumer does not like to be transferred from one employee to another. Therefore, it is recommended that everything be resolved with the first person who will serve the customer. For this, it is necessary to train the employees who provide the service so that they have in-depth knowledge of the company's products and services.

Carry out a problem-solving service

One thing that makes the consumer happy is when he has some difficulty or problem and can solve it through online chat. This is because the person feels that he wasted no time and was prioritized by the service of the business. Therefore, it is important that employees strive to be problem-solving.

Have agility in service

Time is gold and no one likes to spend a lot of time waiting to be served, especially online. This is because the chances of the person closing the page are high when they don't get a quick response in the online chat. Therefore, to avoid losing sales, it is necessary that the service has agility.


As you can see, having an online chat is indispensable for companies that sell on the internet. This feature brings consumers closer to the brand, it is a channel that can be used to resolve customer issues and increase public trust.

Online chat is just one of the essential elements in a sales site. Learn how to stand out in the digital market! Visit our website and talk to the expert to better understand how to achieve this. Follow us on social networks, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to follow other content!

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