Ad Rank: important quality factors for ad ranking

28 de September de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
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Ad Rank is considered quality factors used by Google Ads to rank ads. The platform generates a score from 1 to 10, which is used to determine if the ad, keywords and landing page are relevant to the internet user interested in that subject.

When Google ranks to determine the position of each ad, quality score is a key part. This is because Google prefers not to present an ad that has a low quality, as the platform's objective is to present the user with the right ad, at the right time.

That's why each ad must have a minimum quality to be displayed.

How is Ad Rank calculated?

Ad Rank results from multiplying your CPC bid by your quality score.

The best combination of CPC (Cost Per Click) bid times Quality Score generates the best position. For example, if an advertiser has placed a bid of 2 euros and if the triggered keyword quality score is 10 then your rank is 20: 2 times 10 equals 20.

6 factors for ad ranking

There are some factors that are decisive for a good ranking of the ads. See what they are!


Setting the bid tells Google Ads the maximum amount you're willing to pay for a click on your ad. The amount you actually pay is often less and you can change your bid at any time.

Ad quality and landing page

Google Ads also checks the relevance and usefulness of the ad and the website it is linked to for the customer. The ad quality assessment is summarized in the Quality Score, which you can monitor (and look to improve) in your Google Ads account.

Ad Rank Thresholds

To help ensure high-quality ads, Google sets minimum thresholds that an ad must meet in order to appear.

Competitiveness of an auction

If two ads competing for the same position have similar ad ratings, they will each have a similar opportunity to win that position.

As the difference in ad rank between two advertisers increases, the ad with a higher rank will be more likely to win, but may also pay a higher cost-per-click for this advantage.

Person search context

With the ad auction, context matters. When calculating the Ad Rank, Google looks at the search terms the person entered, the person's location at the time of the search, the type of device being used (mobile device or computer), the time of the search, the nature of the search terms, the other advertisements and search results that are displayed on the page, as well as other user signals and attributes.

Expected impact of ad extensions and other ad formats

When the ad is created, it is possible to include additional information, such as a phone number or more links to specific pages on your site. These additions are called ad extensions. Google Ads estimates how extensions and other ad formats used will impact your ad performance.


As we explained to you, there are criteria for ads to get a good ranking in the Google auction. For this, it is necessary to rely on the expertise of those who understand and have a lot of experience with Performance Marketing.

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