Agile methodology: why is it important for the performance of a business?

31 de August de 2022
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The agile methodology consists of a strategy for the development of projects that offer more speed, efficiency and flexibility.

Its objective initially was to speed up the development of software, but the method overcame barriers and started to be used in the most diverse corporate areas.

The method has some characteristics such as continuous improvement, cooperation between team and client, fast and quality deliveries, flexibility of the project scope, adaptation and innovation.

One of the biggest advantages of the agile methodology is that it speeds up project management and optimizes time, increasing the performance of companies.

Throughout this text, you will understand a little more about this method, how it positively impacts business and which are the main ones adopted by companies.

Agile methodology x traditional methodology (waterfall)

The traditional methodology, also called waterfall, consists of the project management method that is repeated in the market, that is, it is the most common.

This methodology, linear and sequential, focuses much more on the product/service than on the customer and their needs. The result is that there is not much space left to develop solutions and apply improvements.

However, the traditional methodology may still work for some specific companies.

In the case of corporations that focus on the final customer or that need to stand out from the competition, it is necessary to think about innovation and what can be done to deliver good results, in a shorter time. In these cases, the agile methodology fits perfectly. In addition, agile creates opportunities for people to get involved in the project.

How did the agile methodology come about?

In early 2001, a group of 17 developers got together in Utah, USA, to discuss ways to make development more lightweight based on their experiences. They signed a document called “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”.

In this document, they created the 12 principles of agile methodology and four foundations, which are: individuals and interactions above processes and tools; software that runs on top of comprehensive documentation; collaboration with the consumer/client above contract negotiation and response to transformations/changes rather than following a plan.

The principles of the methodology became known as:

  1. Our top priority is customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of valuable software;
  2. Accept changes in requirements, even at the end of development, as agile processes adapt to customer needs;
  3. Deliver a working version of the software frequently, ranging from weeks to months, with a preference for shorter periods;
  4. Business professionals and developers must work together on a daily basis throughout the development of the project;
  5. Building projects around motivated individuals, providing the environment and support they need, and trusting them to do their job.
  6. The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to a development team is face-to-face conversation;
  7. Functional software is the primary measure of progress;
  8. Agile processes promote a sustainable environment in which sponsors, developers and users are able to keep pace.
  9. Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design to increase agility;
  10. Simplicity first, as the art of optimizing work;
  11. The best architectures, requirements and designs emerge from self-organizing teams;
  12. At regular intervals, the team should think about how to increase its effectiveness and adjust its behavior accordingly.

Did you notice how this methodology can be easily applied in any corporate area?

How agile methodology positively impacts business

Imagine you have a product or service to launch, but the development process is slow and the steps are stuck. The agile methodology comes to unlock and launch that product or service once and for all! And do you know why this way has everything to work out?

Because through the agile methodology, businesses have greater risk control, a multidisciplinary team, it is easier to compete on equal terms and more flexibility in the face of changes.

Benefits of adopting the agile methodology in business

As we said, the agile methodology is a faster and more effective way of conducting projects in different areas. The objective is to speed up processes and complete tasks, reducing friction and reducing obstacles.

Adopting this methodology is important for the company to become more efficient and competitive in the market in which it operates. After all, businesses that innovate are more likely to stand out from the competition.

The agile methodology also contributes to project management focused on results and the quality of the final product/service.

We can cite some reasons for companies to adopt the agile methodology, some of them are: accelerating the delivery of their products or services, improving the ability to manage priorities, improving productivity, in addition to reducing costs.

And what do companies gain from it?

With the adoption of agile methodology it is possible to:

  • Gain better visibility of projects;
  • Alignment between the sectors of the corporation; 
  • Best demand delivery time; 
  • Reduction of failures and errors;
  • Greater predictability of projects.

3 main types of agile methodologies

There are different types of agile methodologies applied in business. We will highlight the three main ones and their characteristics. Check out!


Scrum is undoubtedly the most used of the various agile methodology frameworks. It is characterized by cycles or stages of project development, known as sprints.

Scrum is generally adopted for managing product and software development projects, but it can also be used in a business-related context

We can mention its most striking feature, which are small 15-minute meetings (daily meetings) that take place every day. However, the number of encounters is not a rule.

At 4leads, for example, the dailys have days of the week defined by the team. The aim is to synchronize activities and find the best way to plan the workday.


The Kanban method exists from a board or table, divided into columns, which shows all the production flows of a project, which are divided into: to do, doing and done.

As deliverables evolve, the information in the table changes. When a new task needs to be performed, a new demand card is created.

The Kanban method requires communication and transparency so that team members can know exactly what stage the final delivery is at and can see the status of the project at any time.

Lean Development

This is a methodology derived from Lean Manufacturing, created by Toyota and applied in software development. This method offers a conceptual framework and follows values, principles and good development practices that can be applied in the agile model.

This premise was adapted over time to create what is now known as Lean Software Development.

The concept was divided into some principles such as: eliminating waste; strengthen the team; fast deliveries; optimize the whole; build with quality; make decisions at the right time and amplify knowledge.


Now it is clearer to understand how this methodology can greatly improve the performance of a business. After all, the agile method helps to simplify a company's projects and give that process a boost.

4leads is a company that uses the agile methodology so that the deliveries of demands have a result beyond expectations. Team integration is essential to improve productivity and quality of work.

Visit our website and talk to our specialist to learn about our services. Follow us on social media to keep up with other content.

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