Black Friday: Guide to Having a Good Marketing Strategy

9 de October de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
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Black Friday is an event that takes place globally, always on the 4th Friday of November. It's a day when stores offer a series of discounts on products and services.

This is one of the most important dates for retail trade, being the second most profitable date for e-commerce, after Christmas. Therefore, stores usually prepare in advance to achieve good results.

Last year, the event resulted in higher revenue than in 2020. Another important fact is that mobile devices were the most used means of accessing websites and store apps on Black Friday 2021, according to the Black Friday 2021 Report by All In | Social Miner.

This indicates that consumers are more likely to buy online through smartphones and tablets, although notebooks and computers still have their relevance.

In this way, it is essential to have an online store, website and app with responsive design, that is, with a layout that adapts to any mobile device to ensure a good user experience when shopping.

In addition, it is essential that your business has a good Marketing strategy, both content and digital campaigns to achieve positive results. Otherwise, your competitor will pass you on and your business will certainly lose sales opportunities.

In this guide that 4Leads has prepared, you will be able to see:

  • How to prepare to sell online on Black Friday
  • What do you need to do strategic planning?
  • What are the advantages of having a virtual store for BF
  • The most common mistakes made during the event

How to prepare to sell online on Black Friday?

As we already gave a spoiler before, to sell on Black Friday you need a powerful website! This means that your business needs to be present online not only through social networks, but also have a web page (website and landing page) with all the necessary attributes for the user to have a good experience.

Some of these attributes are: responsiveness, having a good layout, good navigability, having content, being correctly configured, having icons for social networks, among others.

In some cases, a landing page may be created especially for Black Friday. Through it, consumers can register to receive first-hand information and some offers before the event officially starts. This is a good strategy to obtain leads, important data about these users and strengthen a relationship through marketing emails.

Check out now other important Marketing strategies for Black Friday.

Before the event

Before starting Black Friday, you need to invest in strategic planning and publicity.

With planning it is possible to have a vision of how the event will be, what the target audience will be, what goals need to be achieved, what content will be created and how the digital campaigns will be carried out.

Disclosure is also an indispensable part of the Marketing strategy. It needs to be done in advance through the website, email marketing, social networks and ADS campaigns. We need to point out that Google is a great ally in this pre-sale period!

This is an important date for the consumer, as people plan their purchases during this period and look forward to it.

The site needs to be analyzed to see if it has broken links, if it is well configured and if it will support the number of hits during the event period.

During the event

Once Black Friday has been planned and publicized, the timing of the event itself is very important for people to be able to buy. Therefore, the content must have a persuasive writing and with the use of mental triggers, mainly, urgency, scarcity and curiosity.

The site must be fully prepared so that people have easy access to information, the products must have promotional prices and different forms of payment. Social networks can also be used to promote products and services that are discounted.

Marketing emails should continue to be triggered, both for people who are interested in buying and for those who abandoned their cart.

An important tip is to prepare the online sales team to perform an agile service and help the consumer in whatever it takes.

After the event

The post Black Friday should not be ignored! Maintain a relationship with consumers through email marketing. After all, the following year there will be a new edition of the event and the intention is that the person will buy again in your store.

What to consider when strategic planning?

Planning is an important step in Digital Marketing, especially when the business is preparing for an event like Black Friday. It will define the goals, the online means of dissemination, as well as all the actions that will be developed.

Here are some factors that need to be taken into account at the planning stage:

  • Preparing for an increase in demand: the business needs to prepare in advance for an increase in demand. So, it is necessary to have products in stock and in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of customers. For those who work with services, organization is needed to be able to serve all consumers. Preparing the team is also essential for the success of the event.
  • Analysis of the results of the previous year: this is a way to redefine strategies and actions by correcting what did not work and preparing something better for the public.
  • Using the right tools: knowing which tools to use to get good results is essential. Therefore, it is necessary to have an experienced and expert team when it comes to Marketing strategies, content production and digital campaigns. After all, Google and social media will be allies before, during and after Black Friday.
  • Performance Marketing is a great ally: speaking of digital campaigns, Performance Marketing is a digital strategy that aims to use specific media to obtain a measurable and positive return from each action. Through it, it will be possible to generate more traffic to the Black Friday page, generate leads and increase online sales.

What are the advantages of having an online store on Black Friday?

Not only on Black Friday, but it is also essential to have an online store these days. After all, the number of people shopping online has skyrocketed in recent years.

As you can read at the beginning of the text, there are a large number of people who prefer to buy online, mainly by mobile phone. This is because of the ease that the device offers. In a few minutes, a purchase is made.

Some of the advantages of having an online store are: being easily found on Google, building authority, expanding the business without increasing costs, conquering new audiences, relating to the audience, increasing competitiveness in the market and increasing sales.

All these factors are important on Black Friday, a time of great heating up in e-commerce.

5 mistakes made during the event period

Some mistakes can be noticed during Black Friday. Let's list some of them for your business to avoid and not lose sales!

1 - Not adapting the site to mobile

Remember we talked about responsiveness? The user needs to have a good experience when browsing the site, whether on a computer or mobile phone. Mobile devices have been the most used option by consumers when shopping. Therefore, it is essential that the person is able to navigate easily and not have problems when buying a product on the mobile phone.

2 - Lack of transparency and information

We are talking about Black Friday, an event that brings together offers and discounts on products and services. Therefore, it is necessary that the site has all the necessary information for users, as well as promotional prices, description of items and payment methods.

3 - Not making the disclosure in advance

Shooting yourself in the foot is leaving everything to the last minute. So, it is essential to have a plan, define the actions and make the disclosure in advance to prepare the public, 1 to 2 weeks before the event. This will depend on the strategy, size of the target audience, budget, type of product, in addition to respecting the buyer persona's journey.

4 - Not using all necessary resources

Black Friday is the perfect time for your business to be present in the digital environment. Therefore, using all the resources within reach is essential to attract the public, win new customers, expand the brand and increase sales. The media must be used properly so that the business obtains good results at the end of the event.

5 - Not analyse the data

All ad networks such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, allow conversion tracking, that is, measuring in isolation whenever a certain objective is achieved through campaigns carried out within these platforms. In the Black Friday strategy this is fundamental.

When tagging is carried out correctly within the platform, it is possible to measure the results of the campaigns that are being aired and make strategic decisions, such as controlling the investment by increasing or decreasing the daily amount spent on a particular ad to enhance its results.

In addition, tagging provides a detailed view of the behavior of the audience that is being impacted and interacting with your digital campaigns as well as the content that generates the most engagement.


Is your company ready for the biggest event of the year, second only to Christmas? Black Friday is the ideal time for you to leverage your business, increase your profits, build authority and make a big splash in digital.

With good strategic marketing planning, content creation for business media, digital campaign and dissemination in the right channels, it is possible to obtain surprising results!

For that, you need a company that has a methodology focused on results and with a team of trained professionals. Talk to our specialist to close a successful partnership. Your business from scratch to the top of digital! Follow us on social media, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with other content.

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