Common mistakes on websites that don't sell

31 de August de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog erros comuns em sites que nao vendem

There are some situations that you must have gone through when entering a website, such as not finding a contact number, lack of information about a product or service you are looking for, lack of product prices or not being convinced to buy. Also, you must have entered a website using a mobile phone and it must have been difficult to navigate that way.

These are just a few mistakes that can easily be found on internet business websites. The problem with having these flaws is that the consumer can fail to make a purchase or have a bad experience that doesn't make him access the page again.

Check out the most common mistakes that can be avoided on websites.

6 Most Common Mistakes That Are Found on Websites That Don't Sell

The creation of a website should be done by professionals who understand the subject. That way, you will have the results you expect and will not have losses with the investment made. On the internet, it is common to find several errors on websites. See some of them.

Nasty layout

Have you ever noticed how bad it is to open a website and find everything misaligned, with images out of place, cropped elements and extravagant or mismatched colors? A good layout is pleasing to internet users and makes it easier to understand the information on the page.

Varied typography

On some sites you can find different fonts, one for titles, another for subtitles, a third for the body text. With that, the site ends up with variations of styles which makes it difficult to read and makes the user get tired and leave the site.

Line and text size

This factor is very important on a website and in some of them it is possible to notice errors in the font size and in the line of texts. Fonts that are too small compromise readability and fonts that are too large also cause discomfort for the user.

Bad navigability

Isn't it wonderful when you enter a website and easily find what you need? Whether it's information, image or product? On some sites, this path can be difficult and stressful. This is because the navigability is not good, that is, the user has difficulty finding what he needs easily.

Not be responsive

Nowadays, people access websites a lot through mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. A common mistake on business websites is the lack of responsiveness when the person accesses these devices and finds it difficult to navigate.

Absence of alt attribute in images

This feature is used on images to serve as alternative text content for when the image, for some reason, does not open in the browser. In addition, it helps screen readers to describe to people with visual impairments what the image represents, being a good accessibility feature. Many sites do not have this feature, which makes it difficult for some types of users to access.


It's not enough to create a web page and place the information randomly. In order for the user to have a good experience while browsing a website, prior planning, eye-catching texts, an impeccable designer and the necessary settings to improve navigability are required.

If you don't want to have just a web page, but a site that increases sales, provides business opportunities and facilitates the user experience, contact our team and get a quote now. We'll show you our solution and how you can have a brand new website in just 21 days.


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