Four reasons to advertise on Linkedin Ads

8 de May de 2023
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog 4 motivos para anunciar no linkedin ads

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and launched in May 2003. It is a professional social network that allows users to create profiles, connect with co-workers and industry peers, and search for job opportunities. In addition, companies can create business pages to connect with potential candidates and clients and create advertisement with LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads formats and reasons to advertise on the network

LinkedIn offers a variety of ad formats, including display, video, career, and company-sponsored ads. Display ads appear in the site's sidebar, while video ads appear in users' newsfeeds.

Career Sponsored Ads allow companies to promote job openings, while Company Sponsored Ads allow companies to promote their brand and products.

Here are four reasons to advertise with LinkedIn Ads:

Highly Targeted Audience

LinkedIn Ads allows you to target ads based on information such as industry, job title, location, and work experience.

High conversion rate

LinkedIn users are more likely to engage with ads relevant to their careers and professional interests.

B2B Advantages

LinkedIn is a great platform to advertise for other businesses and connect with potential customers and partners.

Integration with recruitment

Sponsored Career Ads allow companies to promote job openings and drive qualified candidates directly to their career page.

In addition to the resources mentioned above, LinkedIn offers several other tools and resources to help companies achieve their marketing goals.

For example, LinkedIn Ads also has a Sponsored Content Ad option, which allows companies to promote content relevant to their target audience, such as blog articles, webinars, and ebooks.

How LinkedIn Ads Works

One advantage of LinkedIn Ads is its ability to measure ad engagement and ROI. The platform provides a variety of metrics, such as impressions, clicks, conversion rate, and cost per click, to help businesses measure the performance of their ads.

In addition, the platform also offers advanced targeting options such as Lookalike Audiences and Remarketing Audiences to help businesses achieve their marketing objectives more efficiently.

Another advantage is the possibility of creating personalized campaigns adapted to your audience. LinkedIn Ads allows you to create customized ads based on your business needs and goals.

In addition, companies can also use LinkedIn to expand their presence on the network by creating a company page, discussion groups, and blog posts.

Furthermore, the platform is also excellent for building relationships with other professionals and companies. Businesses can use LinkedIn to connect with other industry leaders, influencers, and experts in their field. This allows companies to expand their network of contacts and access new markets and business opportunities.

It is worth remembering a significant advantage, which is the fact that this network is a very reliable and respected platform. People trust ads that appear on LinkedIn more, as it is a professional platform.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn is a trendy platform among high-level professionals, including senior managers, directors, and CEO, which means that advertising on this social network can help you reach a highly qualified and engaged audience.

The benefits of LinkedIn Ads

Finally, LinkedIn is a great platform to advertise because it offers a wide range of targeting options, measurement features, and options for creating personalized ads with LinkedIn Ads.

In addition, the platform is also an excellent way to build relationships with other professionals and companies, expanding your network of contacts and accessing new markets and business opportunities.

Is your company well positioned on LinkedIn?

If you still don't recognize the power of this social network, you'll notice in this article that there's a lot to explore, especially regarding ads on the platform. And to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to have a team of specialists in the subject.

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