Important Notable Dates for the Next Semester

9 de September de 2023
Posted by 4Leads
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If you aim to stay ahead of the competition, notable dates cannot be left out of the e-commerce calendar.

They drive commerce and increase the chances of sales. However, to exceed expectations, it is necessary to plan marketing effectively and create strategic actions for the company's media (website, blog, email, social networks).

In this text, we've listed the main notable dates for the second semester of the year and what actions need to be taken to attract consumers and triple sales.

The Relevance of Notable Dates in Marketing Planning

Notable dates play a crucial role in the marketing planning of companies, especially in an increasingly competitive market. These special occasions offer unique opportunities to capture the public's attention, promote customer loyalty, and boost sales.

In addition, thematic campaigns and promotional actions related to these dates are an efficient way to create an emotional bond with the audience, which can result in higher engagement and retention.

It is important to adapt marketing actions to the context and identity of the company, ensuring that campaigns are consistent with the brand's proposal and values.

What a Good Digital Marketing Planning Needs for Notable Dates

To make the most of notable dates, marketing managers need to pay attention to the calendar and plan their actions in advance. Here are some planning actions:

Clear Objectives Setting

You know when you're on a trip and need to know where you want to go to plan the best route? Digital marketing is the same! Setting clear and realistic goals helps create more efficient strategies and measure the results of actions.

Action Schedule 

Now that you know where you’re going, it's time to organize the schedule! A good action schedule keeps you focused and ensures everything goes as planned. Moreover, a well-structured schedule facilitates monitoring activities and identifying possible bottlenecks in the process.

Content Production

One thing is certain: a lack of quality content makes it hard to stand out in the digital world. Therefore, investing in producing relevant content that adds value to your audience is essential. This content needs to be interesting, useful, and, of course, well-written. Additionally, it should be distributed on the blog, email, and social networks.

Paid Campaigns

Paid campaigns, such as Google Ads or social media ads, can be great allies when it comes to reaching a larger audience and maximizing the results of your digital marketing actions. Ideally, test different formats and targeting to determine what works best for the company. The investment in paid campaigns should be planned according to the objectives and budget.

Monitoring and Results Analysis

Planning and executing digital marketing actions is pointless without monitoring and analyzing results. These steps are important to understand what is working, what needs adjustment, and what opportunities can be explored. Moreover, analyzing results helps make more assertive decisions and optimize invested resources.

Notable Dates for the Second Semester

Now that you understand the importance of being attentive to notable dates and planning in advance for the best results, it's time to see what the main dates are for this upcoming semester.

Thematic Notable Dates

Some notable dates are thematic, meaning they relate to a specific theme. People have high expectations for these celebrations, and that's why companies should prepare at least a month in advance.

One way to connect with the audience and get into the spirit is by adding characteristic elements of each notable date to the website and social media posts. It's also valid to create exclusive offers and provide discount coupons that can be sent via email marketing.

Content should not be left out either! Depending on your niche, you can create e-books, blog articles with specific themes, and social media posts to engage the audience.

Some important thematic dates in Brazil include:

  • Festa Junina (June Festival) - Throughout June
  • Dia dos Namorados (Valentine's Day) - June 12th
  • Dia dos Pais (Father's Day) - August 13th
  • Dia das Crianças (Children's Day) - October 12th

Commerce-Related Notable Dates

The commerce sector has several notable dates. It's important to remember them as it's an opportunity to keep the consumer closer and stimulate purchases. It's also a time to appreciate those who work in commerce, and social media is a strategic channel for humanizing the brand through campaigns.

Some of these dates are:

  • Dia do Comerciante (Trader's Day) - July 16th
  • Dia do Cliente (Customer's Day) - September 15th
  • Dia do Vendedor (Salesperson's Day) - October 1st
  • Dia do Comerciário (Shop Assistant's Day) - October 30th

Year-End Dates

The most significant date of the year is celebrated at the end of the year. Christmas is the most awaited time for retailers as it boosts commerce sales. Planning should be done well in advance to create strategies that engage consumers and differentiate from the competition.

It's essential to invest in paid traffic campaigns to reach the most people and increase the chances of conversions and sales.

Email marketing campaigns are also crucial. These campaigns include sending emails with exclusive offers, relevant content, wishlists, and cart abandonment notifications to encourage completing purchases.

The dates include:

  • Natal (Christmas) - December 24th
  • Reveillon (New Year's Eve) - December 31st

International Notable Dates

One of the most anticipated dates for consumers is Black Friday! People prepare for months, saving money to take advantage of the offers. That's why your company cannot be left out.

You need to prepare offers with attractive prices, and one of the most effective ways to engage consumers is through email marketing. Social media is also a powerful channel for promotion.

If you really want to reach more people and have a better chance of making sales, paid traffic is an excellent option. However, to achieve concrete results, you need the help of a specialized company like 4Leads. After all, the configurations need to be done correctly to reach the right audience.

The dates are:

  • Black Friday - November 24th
  • Cyber Monday - November 27th

Throughout this text, you have seen the importance of preparing in advance for the main notable dates of this coming semester. The first step is to hire a company specialized in Inbound Marketing, Performance Marketing, and SEO to create a strategic plan to guide the actions that will be taken.

When you combine good content with performance, the results are unbeatable. However, only with the help of a team with multiple skills will you truly achieve the expected results.

By doing this, during each period, your company will have more visibility and will also increase the chances of conversions and online sales.

Do you want to outperform the competition and become a reference in your market? Talk to our specialist! We are here to help you on this mission! You can find us on LinkedIn with incredible content!

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