Learn all about leads and foolproof methods to capture them

31 de August de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog saiba tudo sobre leads e metodos incriveis de como capturalos

For anyone who has an online business or is planning to have one, it is essential to understand the concept of a lead, how to capture qualified leads and what to do when you have a base of them. In a simplified way, the lead is that person who is passing on the street, looks at your store window and shows interest in entering to see the products.

In the digital world, we say that leads are potential consumers. These are people who are somehow interested in your product or service and have registered providing personal data (email, telephone, name, profession). In exchange, that person will receive a discount coupon, a newsletter, an e-book, access to a webinar, among other types of rich content.

In this text, we will introduce you to some foolproof methods to capture qualified leads for your business and what needs to be done to nurture the lead base..

5 benefits of building a qualified lead base

First of all, let's understand what qualified leads means. Lead qualification is a method used to separate and classify contacts who have shown interest in your business or a product/service offered by the company.

With qualified leads it is easier to understand which stage of the sales funnel each one is in. Thus, it is possible to help them with exactly what they need. After all, strategies that work for a lead at the bottom of the funnel may not be as effective as those at the top, for example.

Some of the advantages of creating a base of qualified leads and managing them are:

  • Attract and retain potential customers who are not yet at the right moment of purchase;
  • Increase the number of concrete opportunities generated by the Marketing area;
  • Shorten the sales cycle by educating and encouraging Leads;
  • Increase sales team efficiency and productivity by delivering more prepared leads at the right time;
  • Increase customer retention after purchase, also through education and trust.

5 foolproof methods to generate qualified leads

Now that you understand the importance of leads for your business and the advantages of having a base, it's time to learn about some powerful methods to generate these all-important leads. Look!

Article production

Articles optimized with SEO techniques, which make them rank well on Google, are a great way to attract more visitors and generate leads to your business website.

Production of e-books

They are more in-depth content on a particular subject. It is possible to make them available for free to your target audience in exchange for the user's contact, in order to make them a lead and, later, a customer.

Landing Pages

Landing pages or capture pages are used for the purpose of collecting data from visitors, through forms, usually in exchange for lead magnets, such as e-books, webinars, spreadsheets, etc.


People like to have access to data because it helps them make a decision. After all, the analysis of numbers gives more confidence to those who are looking for information on a certain subject.

CTA or Calls to Action

Must be used in all content produced and shared by the company, no matter what the format of the content. They help persuade the user to make a desired decision, such as downloading or purchasing a product.


As you can see, knowing how to capture good leads and getting to know them is very important so that you can nurture them, that is, keep in touch and send materials that you know may be of interest to them. A classic example is email marketing, which can be in the form of news, offer notices, event information, among others.

To leverage your sales and improve your relationship with your leads, you need planning, good strategies, good content and a set of techniques that lead to the best results.

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