Remote work: 4 ways to keep a productive team

31 de August de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
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There is still some resistance on the part of some managers to hire the services of digital companies and that work only remotely. This is because there is an idea that remote work is not as productive as face-to-face work. However, the pandemic forced companies to adopt the home office and so, many barriers were broken.

Remote work emerged in 1857 in the United States. At that time, tasks were carried out with the support of a telegraph, a system used for transmitting and receiving messages. In this activity, the operator did not need to be present on site to execute the demands.

Contrary to what many people think, 100% digital companies that work remotely can achieve as positive a performance as those that have a physical space and have a team that works in person.

To maintain a good level of productivity in remote work, you need to follow processes, have discipline and meet schedules and deadlines. Throughout this text, you will better understand what productivity means, what are the ways to keep a productive team in remote work and what are the benefits of the home office.

What is productivity and what are the benefits of remote work?

Nowadays, productivity is related to our daily activities. It is more related to how we perform these tasks than to the amount of things we do during the day. Following a simple reasoning: is it more productive to do 4 tasks well done throughout the day and that will give a good result or to do 10 tasks, most of which will be poorly executed or unfinished?

When it comes to productivity, it is much better to perform four tasks in a planned and organized way. That way, the chance of creative blocks, failures and poor performance will be lower. In addition, there are other factors that contribute to greater productivity, such as having a suitable environment to work, stipulating hours of greater concentration and taking rest breaks.

During the pandemic, companies that have never been adept at remote work had the opportunity to try this model and to the surprise of some managers, many employees proved to be more productive when working from home. A survey carried out by Fundação Dom Cabral in partnership with Grant Thornton and Em Lyon Business School found that 58% of workers said they were more productive or significantly more productive at home.

Remote work has some advantages, some of which are:

  • Being closer to the family and accompanying the growth of the children;
  • Create your own work environment;
  • Have more flexible working hours;
  • Being able to work in different places and not just at home.

However, even with all the “facilities” of remote work, in order to achieve good performance and a really productive team it is necessary to have a sense of responsibility and create ways to engage employees.

4 ways to keep a team productive when working remotely

Remote work can be more productive when you have an engaged, motivated team with a sense of responsibility and collectivity. After all, for tasks to be delivered well, everyone needs to do their part, this includes leadership. Here are some ways to keep a productive team at home.

Establish shared schedules

Generally, companies work during business hours. It is during this period that the teams must hold meetings when necessary, answer questions and fulfill their demands. That way, everyone can communicate and solve any problems.

Establish processes

Processes are important to guide the team. When the employee knows exactly what to do and which way he should go to deliver his tasks, there is less chance of failures and errors during delivery.

Count on the help of organization and planning programs

Currently, there are several online programs that help with the organization and planning of tasks. Just choose which ones meet the needs of your teams and use them consistently and efficiently.

Have an efficient communication channel

It is essential to have an efficient communication channel so that everyone on the team can maintain dialogue. These channels can also be used to hold video conference meetings to align demands and even have a virtual happy hour.

As you can see, it is possible to have a productive team working remotely. Hiring a digital company that uses this work model can be a good alternative for managers looking for new experiences, greater agility in the delivery of demands and the possibility of having a multi-professional team.

At 4Leads, we use these and other ways to increase the productivity of our team. After all, when it comes to digital we are experts! Visit our website and talk to our specialist to learn more about our work. Follow us on social media to keep up with other content.

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