Sales funnel: why is it necessary to pump your business on digital?

31 de August de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog funil de vendas por que e necessario para bombar seu negocio no digital

The sales funnel is a representation of the stages that a potential customer goes through, from the first contact with the business to the closing of the sale. This strategic model is important for the company to be able to devise strategies aimed at achieving goals. Therefore, it is essential that Marketing and Sales go hand in hand in this process.

The funnel helps the persona in their purchase journey, that is, the path that the consumer takes when they get to know your brand. The buying journey consists of four steps: learning and discovery, problem recognition, solution consideration, and purchase decision.

In learning, the buyer still doesn't know very well that he has a problem. Therefore, in this step, the objective is to arouse the interest of the persona in some subject and make them realize that they have a problem or a good business opportunity.

In problem recognition, the consumer identifies that he has a problem and begins to search for solutions.

In the solution consideration stage, the persona already knows what some possible solutions to their problem are and begins to evaluate the alternatives. Therefore, it is necessary to create a sense of urgency so that the person is committed to solving their pain soon.

In the last step, which is the purchase decision, the consumer will buy the product or service according to their needs.

When you identify which part of the buyer's journey the persona is in, it becomes easier to create content that fits each stage of the Sales Funnel. Throughout this text, you will understand what the funnel stages are and what types of content need to be made in each of them.

Understand the steps of the Sales Funnel in a simple way

To set up a sales funnel, it is necessary to map the buyer's journey of the persona, define the main milestones that represent stage turns, define the stages of the funnel (visitors, leads, opportunities, customers) and optimize the funnel. Check now, what are the three stages of a Sales Funnel and the types of content that can be made.

Top of Funnel

It is here that the visitor has just discovered or realized the need, problem or pain that he has and that needs to be resolved. The company's objective with the visitor, at this stage, should be to educate the potential customer with content that is relevant and that has value for them.

Middle of Funnel

In the middle stage of the funnel, the visitor shows interest in finding the solution and becomes a real lead. Thus, he already recognizes that he has a need/pain/problem and is interested in solving it, but he still doesn't quite understand how to do it. Therefore, it is important for the company to nurture the lead with very rich and qualifying content, so that it can advance in the funnel.

Funnel bottom

In the last stage, the bottom of the funnel, the qualified lead becomes, for companies, a real sales opportunity. Here he is already well informed and very close to making the decision to have the necessary solution in hand, so it is time for the sales team to act.


As you can see, setting up a sales funnel is something necessary for the success of your business in the digital environment. Through it, it is possible to devise more assertive strategies that benefit the consumer during the purchase journey. Knowing how to communicate with the persona through content makes it easier for you to deliver what she needs at the moment.

To have the best content in the online environment, you need an expert team on the subject. Visit our website and contact the specialist for a quote. Follow us on social media for more content!

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