User experience: 4 reasons to invest in your website

31 de August de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
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User experience refers to a set of attributes that determine how satisfactory a person is when accessing a company's website or any other branded digital technology. UX, an acronym for the term, is also linked to the value generated by the content accessed by users.

Imagine that a person accessed your company's website, but had difficulties finding the information they needed (payment methods, for example) when accessing via mobile phone, but the layout was misconfigured and hampered navigation.

These are examples of situations that harm the user experience, that is, the feeling generated in the person will be of discomfort and discontent for not being able to perform the desired action.

We prepared this content so you can better understand the importance of UX for corporate websites. In addition, we will show you the main reasons why the user experience is one of the priorities on your business website.

Discover the elements of User Experience (UX)

There are some elements that must be taken into account for the user to have a good experience. With that, a website needs to be: useful, usable, desirable, accessible, reliable, findable and valuable.

However, to correctly apply these elements, it is necessary to know the needs and priorities of the company's public. That is why it is so important that the persona be studied before designing marketing strategies, including website creation.

Having knowledge about the public profile, it is possible to create a website that has the features that the user needs and also valuable content for the people who access the page.

4 reasons to invest in user experience on your business website

“Having a really good user experience ensures that your business gets a return on its investment. This ensures that all the money set aside for the site generates measurable value for your business.” (Leanne Byrom)

It is with this quote that we emphasize the importance of not only having a corporate website, but that it has all the attributes so that the UX is the best possible for those who access it. Here are some reasons to invest in the user experience on your company's website.

User interaction with the company

UX enables a better understanding of users and how they interact with your company. After all, with the attributes that a website needs, it is much easier for people to take actions on it.

Customer loyalty

User experience also helps drive long-term customer loyalty. What needs to be done is the continuous improvement of the experience of digital products and services.

Have a solid methodology

It still takes a solid methodology to design the kind of user experience a brand offers. This becomes more important as the number of devices connected to the site increases. Hence, the importance of this work being done by a company that understands the subject.

Increased chances of conversion and sales

A website with UX elements helps increase Lead conversions and, consequently, online sales. Thus, when it comes to e-commerce, user experience is a factor that needs to be taken into account when creating the website.


As you can see with all this information, it is not enough to create a page on the WEB and “throw” information there. It is necessary to apply techniques, have a methodology and think about the user experience. In this way, the public's feelings when accessing the business website will be satisfactory.

This generates identification, connection, makes it possible for people to perform actions such as registering and even making a purchase.

Learn how to have a website that takes user experience into account and stands out in the digital market. Visit our website and talk to our expert! Follow us on social media, Instagram, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, to follow other content.

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