What can't be missing on a website to not lose sales

31 de August de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog o que nao pode faltar em um ste para voce nao perder vendas

Having a website these days is just as important as having a good product or providing good services. Web pages, in addition to serving as a showcase for your business, also allow consumers to shop online, in a practical way, without facing queues, quickly and safely.

With the pandemic, the number of people who started to buy online through websites and looking for information on the internet before making a purchase, has skyrocketed. For this reason, all companies need to have a well-structured website with all the necessary elements to attract and retain the user's attention, in addition to being well positioned on Google to be easily found.

Check out in this text the main information that you need to have on a business website and which elements cannot be missing.

Information that cannot be missing from a website

Some information is essential for the user to have a good experience when browsing your site. The lack of them can cause you to miss sales or business opportunities. Check out!

Who we are

Before making a purchase or during a search, the user wants to know more about the brand. What is the history of the company, in which branch it operates, who is responsible for it, who is part of the team, what is the brand's mission, vision and values.

Products or services

If your website is an online store, you need to expose the products you sell. In addition, it is essential that it has a price and a complete and detailed description of each one of them. After all, it is different from a physical store where the consumer can touch and see the product more closely, in the virtual store he needs as much information as possible to be sure that it is the right product he needs. If your business offers services, you also need to specify how it works, the purposes and objectives.


Users need to have access to one or more channels of communication with sellers or those responsible for the company, whether to ask questions, ask for help making a purchase or close a deal. With this, the contact channel you establish needs to be effective.

Blog and social networks

Blogs serve to keep your audience informed and to guide them through the buying journey or sales funnel. When the internet user is looking for information on search engines such as Google, he can find text that leads to your company's website. In addition, most people are connected to social networks. Therefore, it is necessary that the user has access to the brand's networks with ease within the site.

Elements that cannot be missing from a business website

Now that you know the main reasons to create a website for business, you need to understand which elements cannot be missing. Thus, it guarantees a good user experience. After all, your goal is to achieve the best results.

  1. Custom Design

In addition to being responsible for making a good first impression, a good layout and an intuitive navigation experience are super important to keep your audience navigating within the site.

  1. Persuasive Texts

Persuasive texts are those that induce users to take an action. It could be downloading content, talking to the assistant or making a purchase. With these texts, customers receive exactly the answers they are looking for and your brand gains authority.

  1. Responsiveness with Fluidity

There are surveys that indicate that 56% of people with internet access only use their cell phones to browse. Google scores negatively on sites that don't work well on mobile phones. For a good positioning you need to adapt well to mobile devices.

  1. Easy Management

You can manage your own website yourself. You can make edits to texts and images to ensure that it is always up to date.

  1. Indexed to Google

It is necessary that the site is built and delivered with all the requirements to be read by search engines, that is, to be easily found by your customers in the online environment.


These are the main information that a website needs to have to stand out in the digital environment. Remember that the lack of them can harm sales and business opportunities. Therefore, in order not to make mistakes and leave your site optimized and fully prepared for users, count on those who understand the subject.

If you don't know where to start, but you are sure you need a good website to leverage sales, close contracts and expand your brand to the world, make a quote with our team right now!

We'll show you our solution and how you can have a brand new website in just 21 days.

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