What is Remarketing and How to Use it in Your Online Business

22 de February de 2023
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog o que e remarketing e como utilizar no seu negocio online

Have you ever visited a website and then the next day while browsing online, you saw an advertisement from the same site? Or have you visited an online store, added items to your cart but didn't complete the purchase, and then the next day while browsing online, you saw an advertisement with the products you left in your cart? Congratulations, you have gone through a "remarketing" experience.

But what exactly is remarketing? How does it work? How to use it in an online business? Read on to find out more.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing, which is sometimes referred to as retargeting, is a well-known type of marketing where professionals in the field broadcast advertisements to the public who access a website or specific web page and who have made or failed to make a specific activity. It's an effective way to segment a public that has already shown interest in the company in some way.

Since this effort focuses on customers who already have or at least have visited your site before, it's called remarketing. It's like a new opportunity to gain new customers and retain them with virtual campaigns or advertisements.

Regardless of anything else, remarketing is simply fundamental in the scope of actions of all those who work in marketing.

How does Remarketing work?

Believe it or not, it's not that complicated to set up a remarketing campaign for your online business. The installation of a pixel is required in this case.

When you create a campaign with a specific set of advertisements, the advertising network in question will provide you with a small code (known as a pixel tag) to be added to your website. Every time a new person accesses the site, the code dispenses an anonymous browser cookie, and the new user is added to your redirect list.

When that same user accesses another site that hosts graphic advertisements or from your advertising network provider, the system will take care of airing your advertisement specially geared towards that user. This will continue to happen while you have an active campaign being properly executed.

Google's decision to stop using third-party cookies will affect the remarketing capabilities of marketing professionals. Therefore, it's important to advertise on platforms based on own data usage that allow tracking.

The world without cookies is already happening, so start planning now the tools and tactics that will allow remarketing in the future.

How to get started with remarketing?

Should you display ads to all customers who visited your site? Although it may seem promising, the answer is no. This approach would be vague and ineffective, and your metrics and data would correspond.

You will need to adopt a targeted approach and create ads only for people who did not complete a purchase on your site.

1 - Analyze consumer behaviors. You will use Google Analytics to learn their habits. You will find out which web pages received the most views and where visitors went after leaving the page.

2 - Make separate drafts for each set of behavior. You can use a Remarketing Grid divided into three areas by behavior: Interested, Not Interested, Buyers/Conversions.

3 - Create remarketing lists aimed at specific groups. (They can be for your highest priority pages or larger sales categories. When people visit your site, it adds a cookie.

4 - Use targeted ads for these different groups.

Remarketing Strategies

Here are five remarketing strategies based on four common buying scenarios.

1. Shopping Cart Abandonment

About 75 percent of customers abandon their shopping carts before making a purchase. First, identify potential customers who were unable to purchase their items in your store and find out why your customers decided not to complete the purchase.

Was it due to price or high shipping costs? Offer a discounted rate or free shipping to bring them back.

2. Abandonment based on product

Retargeting campaigns based on individual items can also be created. An example is when the user visits a specific page to buy shoes, adds them to the cart, but does not complete the purchase. One solution to this is to create a set of cookie rules based on this type of behavior. In this case, instead of offering discounts or free shipping, it is best to show the specific item on different websites.

3. Birthday and seasonal reminderss

If cookies have an expiration date of 18 months, they can be used to create ads based on seasonal events and future anniversaries.

4. Social Media remarketing

Another viable platform is social media. One option is to advertise on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google or Google Plus. You can create different remarketing tags for specific social media sites.

5. Emails for inactive customers

Email remarketing campaigns can drive users back to a website. This is achieved by using the information collected about the customer to send individual emails reminding them to purchase items.

The power of remarketing in online business

Remarketing is an effective and cost-effective way to attract customers. This is mainly because you are targeting people who have already shown interest in what you have to offer and have already started the funnel journey to conversion. With the right segmentation and budget, you can achieve good results with your KPIs.

Throughout this text you understood what Remarketing means, its importance and how to apply it in your business. These and other marketing actions are essential to give your brand more visibility, as well as increase the chances of conversions and sales.

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