Copywriting: How Persuasive Writing Helps Conversion

28 de September de 2022
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Copywriting is a persuasive writing style used in Content Marketing strategy to drive the reader to take an action. Using some techniques it is possible to increase conversions using this type of writing compared to a “normal” text.

However, if you think that copywriting is a process of producing modern texts, you are wrong.

The term copy was defined in 1828 by Noah Webster and meant “something original that is to be imitated in writing and printing”. Over time, this definition became outdated. The copywriters of the 20th century, who were advertising copywriters, were fundamental for brands to profit and gain fame.

With the popularization of the internet and the rise of Digital Marketing, copywriting has modernized and distanced itself from advertising writing.

In this text you will see:

  • where copywriting techniques are applied
  • checklist of a good copy
  • mental triggers used in copying techniques

Where copywriting techniques are applied

Copywriting is a type of writing that can be applied to various types of content, such as blog texts, social media posts, ebooks, marketing emails, infographics, digital ads, among others.

What will differentiate a copy made for each content format is its objective. After all, a copy made for a digital ad may not be the same for a blogpost, for example. Therefore, it is necessary to make persuasive texts in a strategic way in order to obtain the expected results.

But what is the purpose of a copy, regardless of the channel in which it will be made? The conversion.

For the user to do a certain action, which can be signing a newsletter, buying a course or downloading an ebook, the copy must have techniques that lead him to do what is being proposed.

That's why we say that copywriting is a persuasive text style, because the written content will engage the reader in a way that generates identification and convinces him to take an action, which for him will be the solution to his problems!

Checklist of what a good copy technique needs to have

To get an idea of what a copy with proper techniques means, let's make a checklist of attributes that a copywriting text needs to have. Check out!

  • Tell the truth

Many people confuse persuasion with manipulation. The purpose of copy is not to lie or deceive the reader. What will be done in the text is to show the user that your company is trying to help or solve some problem they are going through. For this, you offer something and use good arguments to convince the person.

  • Clarity and objectivity

This type of text is not so easy to do exactly because of its particularity in convincing someone to take an action. The language must be clear, objective, without causing noise or misunderstandings.

  • Numbers and data

This is an effective way to show the reader that what you are communicating is valid. The numbers and data convey credibility and are essential in a copy.

  • Storytelling

Telling engaging narratives, using storytelling is one of the great strategies of copywriting. This is because the text will engage the reader and arouse emotions in him that will lead him to take the proposed action.

  • Connection with the reader

To create a connection with the reader, it is necessary to know the target audience. Thus, it will be easier to offer and convince the user that he can solve a problem or gain advantages if he takes the action proposed in the copy.

  • Action verbs

Action verbs cannot be missing from copywriting. How to provoke in the reader the sense of urgency? Or the feeling that if he doesn't follow his lead, he's likely to miss out on a unique opportunity?

So that he understands the message and knows what should be done, it is indicated in the copy to have verbs in the imperative, especially in the title, in the intertitles and in the CTA.

Mental Triggers used in copying techniques

A technique that cannot be missing in copywriting is the use of mental triggers in the text. It's so important that we separate a special topic for her. Check out the main mental triggers and what each one is for.


Reciprocity is a trigger used when you want to offer something to the reader in exchange for something. An example is when you offer a free ebook and in exchange the user registers, providing his personal data before downloading the ebook. The goal is to positively impact the reader so that he or she responds with a positive action.

Social Proof

Social proof is showing that other people are using, buying and approving your business's product or service. It can be testimonials, photos, videos, reviews.


According to the affinity principle, people tend to agree and follow ideas with which they identify. Therefore, storytelling is fundamental in copys, because they generate identification with the reader.


Authority is a powerful resource in copywriting, as it conveys an idea of ​​superiority and earns the reader's immediate respect. Therefore, creating content both on your business website and on corporate social networks is a way to demonstrate authority. Giving courses in the company's area of ​​expertise is also a way to show that your business has expertise.

Commitment and consistency

The trigger of commitment and consistency is the famous “practice what you recommend”. The intention of using this trigger is to make the reader commit to solving their own problems. This makes the purchase of the product/service a coherent attitude at that moment.


This trigger is used when you want the user to take an action right away. It can be used when your business has limited offers, for example. The “last units” effect makes the user take immediate action.


Urgency goes hand in hand with scarcity. This trigger is used to activate the user's sense of urgency, that is, if he doesn't take action right away, he can run out of the product, service and even miss that unmissable offer.


Connection is what will bridge the gap between your business and the reader. The language used in the text should generate approximation and empathy. We reinforce here the importance of good storytelling to achieve this effect.


Specificity is a trigger used to define very well the action that should be taken by the reader. To achieve the objective, it is necessary to use verbs in the affirmative and use clear language.


The exclusivity trigger is triggered when you manage to highlight your point of view in the immensity of web content.

You can even deal with common themes, but you'll have to find a unique cut.


As you can see from this text, copywriting is persuasive writing that encourages the reader to take a certain action. Using the right techniques, the chances of increasing conversions and sales are much higher.

Copy techniques can be used in different content formats and different media such as emails, blog, ads, landing pages, among others.

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