Optimizing Landing Pages for Encouraging Calls
Within the 4Leads performance marketing methodology, landing pages are central to the strategy. They serve as true gateways for transforming […]
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Email Marketing for B2B: Conversion Strategies to Turn Leads into Customers
Email marketing for B2B is an efficient way to nurture leads, maintain closer communication, and convert a lead into a […]
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The importance of lead nutrition to the Sales team
On numerous occasions, business managers and marketing managers may have struggled to increase the visibility of their business and close […]
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WhatsApp Business: discover all the features of the tool
WhatsApp Business is an application adopted by several companies that saw in the tool another way to communicate with their […]
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Copywriting: How Persuasive Writing Helps Conversion
Copywriting is a persuasive writing style used in Content Marketing strategy to drive the reader to take an action. Using […]
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Amazing Newsletters: How They Hold Your Business Audience's Attention
The newsletter is a type of informative email, which can be news, highlights of a period or news. They help […]
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6 reasons to incorporate LinkedIn into your marketing strategy
LinkedIn is a social network created in 2003 by friends Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Eric Ly and Konstantin […]
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Mental Triggers: Increase Conversions With This Technique
Mental triggers are shortcuts that we use on a daily basis to make decisions. In the Marketing area, we use […]
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Understand how email marketing increases online sales
Email marketing is a Marketing strategy which aims to establish direct communication between a company and its contact base, through […]
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