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28 de September de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
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WhatsApp Business is an application adopted by several companies that saw in the tool another way to communicate with their customers. In addition to being very easy to handle, its installation is practical and is available for mobile phones with Android and IOS systems.

However, that's not all that made this app a success in the corporate world. Its features facilitated communication between companies and customers and helped organize orders.

Throughout this text, you will understand:

  • What is WhatsApp Business
  • What are the benefits of the app for your business?
  • How WhatsApp Business works
  • What features of WhatsApp Business
  • What is WhatsApp Business API and how is it different from Whats Business

What is WhatsApp Business?

Before talking about WhatsApp Business, we need to contextualize how this application came about and its origin: WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in the United States. In the beginning, the numerous functions that exist today, such as exchanging photos, audios, files and video calls, did not exist.

In 2018, the worldwide launch of WhatsApp Business took place. The objective was to serve commercial accounts so that they could communicate with their customers.

For this, several features were created such as product catalog, creation of labels, automatic messages and displaying important information about the business. With the modernization of the app, it was possible not only to strengthen the relationship with customers through communication, but also to close sales in a faster and more practical way.

4 app benefits that benefit your business

The emergence of WhatsApp Business has brought numerous advantages to business owners. Over time, many updates were made based on the needs identified by users, which makes the tool more and more functional. See some benefits of the app!

  • More agile service

With WhatsApp Business it is possible to provide faster service to customers. Usually, users get in touch through a link provided on social networks or by adding the company's number to the phone's contacts.

On the first message sent by the customer, the business can use the “automatic message” feature to welcome and initiate service.

  • Organization of calls

It is possible to organize the calls through tags. Thus, it is easier to provide a personalized service for each person. A potential customer, that is, one who is very interested in closing a purchase, deserves greater attention from the seller.

It is also possible to start and end a service in cases of people who just want to ask a question, for example.

  • Receive feedback

With the application it is also easier to receive feedback and also send satisfaction survey links. This is a way of evaluating what needs improvement and what is working.

  • Offer centralized information

WhatsApp Business allows you to place the main information about your business, as well as opening hours. In this way, it is easier for the user to have access to this information in a more practical way.

How WhatsApp Business works

The operation of WhatsApp Business is simple, since the application is very intuitive. Through it, you have access to a series of features such as providing business data, automating messages, creating service tags, obtaining statistics, among others.

Just install the app on your phone and make the necessary settings in your business profile so that the user knows that you are chatting with a company. And also facilitate the search for information when the customer wants to know the hours of operation of the store, for example.

One of the most important features of the application is the autoresponders. When your business is open, the customer will know through an automatic message informing you about it. Likewise, when the company is out of business hours, the user will know that it is already closed through another automatic message.

As you can see, WhatsApp Business is a tool that makes life easier for both the customer and the managers.

10 features of WhatsApp Business

Now that you know how WhatsApp Business came about, its advantages and how the application works, it's time to find out about its features and the characteristics of each one.

Exclusive communication channel

The application allows for varied communication, with the sending of written messages, audio, images, videos and calls, and you can select the best option according to your strategy. In this way, it is possible to develop an exclusive and centralized service, which will facilitate the organization of contacts.

Centralization of important information

One way to centralize your business information is to place WhatsApp Business as an official communication channel with customers. Within the app, the user will find various information they need, such as searching for products in the catalogue, knowing the location of your business, delivery times, etc.

Business profile

When you have a business account on WhatsApp, it is possible to include information such as your website, email, address, about your business, opening hours, payment methods, among others. All this is already visible to the customer when he adds his contact or is directed to a conversation with your company.

Automatic messages

Another of the great benefits of WhatsApp Business is the possibility of creating automatic messages. You can use them to welcome, report an absence or opening hours. Automated messages provide the user with a guide, because that way he gets to know how the interaction with your business works and what time he will be served.

Quick answers

WhatsApp Business allows you to create response templates and link them to a shortcut. This is important to make the service more humane.

Short link

You can create a link that directs the customer to a conversation with you via WhatsApp and place it on your website and social media pages. This works much better than just adding the WhatsApp number, as it saves the user time by being able to talk to you with just one click.

Statistics analysis

WhatsApp Business has a statistics menu, which makes it possible to track how many messages have been sent, delivered, received and read. Thanks to this feature, managers can evaluate the performance of their communication with customers and make improvements.

Display of your products

One of the resources that is also of great value to the business is the catalog, where it exposes its products or services. This resource works as a virtual showcase, which includes the image and price of the items, so that the customer gets to know your brand better.

Tags for organizing conversations

With the tags you can group customers into different categories, speeding up your service and providing more assertive communication. So, when you get in touch with the customer, you'll already know how to address him, what kind of content and approach he wants and which products interest him.

WhatsApp Pay

On WhatsApp Pay, it is now possible to make transfers to other people (PF, Individuals). WhatsApp is studying a way to make payments for companies (PJ, Legal Entity) in the future. Transfers can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is WhatsApp Business API and how is it different from WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business API is a version for medium and large companies, which makes it possible to automate customer service. In addition, conversations can generate data and be entirely done by chatbots, and can be transferred to human assistants when necessary. In this way, the service becomes intelligent, 24×7.


There is no doubt that WhatsApp Business is more than a communication channel. It is also a tool that can be used to close sales and also build customer loyalty. After all, when the consumer gets quick answers and manages to solve a problem, the chances of buying your products and services are much higher.

Therefore, it is important that the application is used in the best way by using as many resources as possible. It is also essential to use the app with common sense. If you make a transmission list to send offers, for example, you have to know if that user wants to receive this type of message.

Using social media to strengthen the relationship with customers and boost sales is a great Marketing strategy. To learn more about the subject and learn about a methodology that will take your business to the top in digital, visit our website and talk to our specialist.

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