Understand how email marketing increases online sales

31 de August de 2022
Posted by 4Leads
4leads blog entenda como o email marketing aumenta as vendas online

Email marketing is a Marketing strategy which aims to establish direct communication between a company and its contact base, through e-mails. Many managers may suspect that this type of action is really effective. However, it can help in the growth of online sales.

The number of email users worldwide in 2021 was 4.14 billion, which represents a growth of 110 million new users compared to 2020, according to data from Statista. In addition, the forecast for 2025 is that this number will reach 4.59 billion.

With an increase in the number of users, what companies need to do is invest in email marketing campaigns that communicate effectively with their audience.

It must be done through content, which can be informative, a special offer, a discount coupon, relevant news, among others. However, knowing what content to disclose will depend on the business objective.

If the company wants to increase online sales, a welcome email can be created with a discount coupon, for example.

Another way to get the consumer to make a purchase is to send abandoned cart emails. This is because 29.9% of abandoned item emails tend to lead the consumer to redeem a purchase.

Throughout this text, you will learn about the advantages of using email marketing, the main types of emails and some criteria that need to be followed to bring good results.

5 advantages of using email marketing to communicate with the public

If you still think that this strategy is not a good option to reach your business audience, see some advantages of email marketing.

Generates a great reach

Through email marketing you can reach a large number of people, including those who do not have a social network or do not know your brand. Users who wish to receive your emails need to register on a platform (website, landing page) to follow news, offers, news or receive rich content such as e-books.

Allows you to segment the sending of messages

With email marketing it is possible to build personalized content for different audience profiles. If you have a company that provides services and has different personas, then the contents of the emails should be directed to each group separately.

Builds relationships and sparks interest

Through personalization and content that is targeted to each audience, the brand is able to build relationships and arouse the interest of users. The key is to present solutions to people's pain and inform them about topics that interest them.

Allows you to measure the results

There are software that provide important data such as open rates, clicks and conversion in real time. That way, it's easier to know if the strategy is working and make changes if necessary.

Lower cost and effective return

Compared to other conventional marketing actions, email has a lower cost and the return is usually effective when well structured. In a short time you can already see the fruits harvested by the strategy!

Learn about some types of email marketing

Now that you know the advantages of investing in this strategy, learn about the main email marketing formats that can help your business achieve good results in digital.

  • Newsletters

Newsletter means a report, that is, it is like a periodical that can be sent daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This format helps keep users informed and closer to the brand.

  • Blog articles

If you have a blog on your site, why not send users a summary of the best content? This is also a great way to keep your audience informed about topics that are relevant to them. Another advantage of this format is that, in this way, it ends up taking users to access the blog and read all the content.

  • Exclusive promotions and discounts

Promotional emails are the most common and the purpose is to promote the sale of products and services. Therefore, it usually has a more commercial approach, with offers, prices and discounts, as well as direct links to the purchase page.

  • Transactional

This type of content can be newsletter registration confirmation emails, receipt of an order in e-commerce or cart abandonment, for example. The objective is to inform what really interests the user. It might just be plain text, but it might also offer some content or offer.

  • Researches

Email marketing can also be used to collect data in surveys. For this reason, satisfaction surveys can be sent for the user to give their evaluation after a purchase, for example. In addition, there are surveys to understand the market or profile the persona.

What to avoid in Email Marketing

There are some important criteria for email marketing to be successful and not cause dissatisfaction on the part of the public. After all, the idea is for people to open and take some action on the email. Check out some of them!

  1. Send too often: Nobody likes to receive too many emails a day.
  2. Sending emails to people who didn't ask for it: buying an email list is a very serious mistake, since only the people who provided their email to the company should receive content.
  3. Promise something and not deliver: if you promised a discount coupon, for example, then it should be done. Otherwise, the person may feel deceived.


Email marketing are strategies that can offer a very good result for your company. However, for this to be effective, it is necessary to apply techniques, plan and configure in the right way.

It should be noted that the text is a very important part for the user to be interested in taking an action, such as clicking on the button that leads to the website and making a purchase.

Design is also a key element to catch the audience's attention and create a connection. Therefore, it is necessary to have good images and use the brand's visual identity so that people recognize the business.

Finally, having a link that directs the user somewhere is essential. It can be the website, ebook, video, among others.

If you want to grow in the digital market and invest in email marketing to increase your online sales, visit our website and talk to our expert. Take all your doubts and close a successful partnership! Follow us on social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn e Instagram, to follow other content.

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