Google My Business: surefire ways to make your business stand out
Google My Business is a free tool where a company can register and thereby achieve great exposure in the platform's […]
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Black Friday: Guide to Having a Good Marketing Strategy
Black Friday is an event that takes place globally, always on the 4th Friday of November. It's a day when […]
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Ad Rank: important quality factors for ad ranking
Ad Rank is considered quality factors used by Google Ads to rank ads. The platform generates a score from 1 […]
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WhatsApp Business: discover all the features of the tool
WhatsApp Business is an application adopted by several companies that saw in the tool another way to communicate with their […]
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Copywriting: How Persuasive Writing Helps Conversion
Copywriting is a persuasive writing style used in Content Marketing strategy to drive the reader to take an action. Using […]
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Amazing Newsletters: How They Hold Your Business Audience's Attention
The newsletter is a type of informative email, which can be news, highlights of a period or news. They help […]
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6 reasons to incorporate LinkedIn into your marketing strategy
LinkedIn is a social network created in 2003 by friends Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Eric Ly and Konstantin […]
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4 steps for your e-commerce to stand out in the digital market
E-commerce is an online sales platform. Through it it is possible to sell various types of products, whether books, clothes, […]
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5 actions in remote work to get the best results
Remote work is a modality that seems to be recent, but is not. In fact, this style of working from […]
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Mental Triggers: Increase Conversions With This Technique
Mental triggers are shortcuts that we use on a daily basis to make decisions. In the Marketing area, we use […]
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Google Ads: how the platform can increase your sales
Google Ads is Google's ad platform, where companies have the opportunity to advertise their services to a greater number of […]
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User experience: 4 reasons to invest in your website
User experience refers to a set of attributes that determine how satisfactory a person is when accessing a company's website […]
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FCR - Persona x Target Audience x Ideal Customer ICP : Everything you need to know
Knowing who buys is essential for businesses that want to build winning marketing strategies regardless of what their market or […]
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5 commandments of online chat to not lose sales
It's hard to imagine a company that sells over the internet not having an online chat. This is because chats […]
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Understand how email marketing increases online sales
Email marketing is a Marketing strategy which aims to establish direct communication between a company and its contact base, through […]
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Paid traffic: Why can't your online business do without?
When browsing social networks and other media, you must have already come across a kind of advertisement. Usually, with an […]
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Agile methodology: why is it important for the performance of a business?
The agile methodology consists of a strategy for the development of projects that offer more speed, efficiency and flexibility. Its […]
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Remote work: 4 ways to keep a productive team
There is still some resistance on the part of some managers to hire the services of digital companies and that […]
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The 10 most important indicators (KPIs) for your internet business
KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are relevant metrics to be analyzed when creating marketing strategies for companies in digital. This […]
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Discover the power of OKR for business
OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a methodology that was created by former Intel CEO Andrew S. Grove. However, it […]
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Learn all about leads and foolproof methods to capture them
For anyone who has an online business or is planning to have one, it is essential to understand the concept […]
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Performance Marketing: how to use it in favor of your business
Performance Marketing is a digital strategy that aims to use specific media to obtain a measurable and positive return on […]
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Sales funnel: why is it necessary to pump your business on digital?
The sales funnel is a representation of the stages that a potential customer goes through, from the first contact with […]
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6 ways to make your e-commerce become a success case
The way people are consuming has changed with the increasing accessibility that the internet provides and due to the adaptations […]
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5 ways for local businesses to sell through Google
Google is one of the most accessed search engines in the world. When people have questions about a certain topic, […]
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6 fatal mistakes in online stores that hinder sales
One thing is for sure: there is no ideal formula to make virtual stores boom on the internet. However, there […]
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4 Essentials of Online Stores That Sell - Don't Create One Before You Read
Online stores are a great option for businesses that want to expand their brand and gain new customers. After all, […]
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Common mistakes on websites that don't sell
There are some situations that you must have gone through when entering a website, such as not finding a contact […]
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What can't be missing on a website to not lose sales
Having a website these days is just as important as having a good product or providing good services. Web pages, […]
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7 reasons to create a website for your business
Is it possible to imagine a physical store without a window to display the products that are available for sale? […]
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